TouchlessTM Fulfillment

IAM Robotics has created a breakthrough in distribution center automation. Our TouchlessTM piece picking technology enables machines to see and pick items within your existing warehouse infrastructure. The result is a quantum leap in productivity and reliability for your business without expensive and time consuming installation.

System Benefits

  • Fast, accurate, WMS-directed piece picking
  • Reliable order fulfillment day in, day out
  • Lower capital investment than traditional automation
  • Flexibility to use and change your infrastructure
  • Maintain operations through low-effort installation

Robots can do what you do now, plus:

  • Verify correct slotting – You know something is out of place before shipping.
  • Automatic tracking – You can to keep accurate records of each pick.
  • Continuous operation – Your facility can work round the clock.

Attention Visionaries:
We’ll integrate and support the fast robots. The revolutionary applications are all you:


Pharmaceuticals, Health and Beauty Distribution

Our solution works best for small products in solid containers. Over-the-counter goods and prescription drugs are just the right size, shape and weight for robotic piece picking. Up to 90% of the goods in your warehouse can work with our system. This means that most of your inventory can take advantage of low-cost automation.

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Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Operational reliability is critical for your customers and your business thrives on efficiency. Within such a large industry its hard to move the needle in your favor. Intelligent automated manipulation is a game-changer that allows you to directly address your biggest costs. Be one of the first to gain this strategic advantage.

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Store Pickup

Consider this, retail stores are distribution centers where the customers do the picking for free. Americans spend about one hour each week grocery shopping. If all that time had to be paid for it would cost well over 100 billion dollars per year. Give your customers their time back and let our robots pick most of their order at a price everyone can afford. Items picked from the store are ready in hours not days.

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