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Robots and the Long-Tail Business Strategy

Our robots pick more long-tail inventory products so your people and existing automation systems can be more productive. Although we can bring value to a wide spectrum of businesses, we specialize in solutions for e-commerce order fulfillment applications in these industries:

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

We excel in order fulfillment applications in the health & beauty industry, as our solution provides these e-tailers with cost savings and increased productivity.



Our Swift Product Suite was first tested and successfully deployed in a pharmaceutical distribution center. We have the deep knowledge and experience to bring exceptional value to pharma distributors.



We have extensive experience in the grocery industry as our longest-running pilot program is with a large regional grocery distributor. Our solution is perfectly suited for nonperishable grocery order fulfillment.

We Envision a World Where Robots Enhance Lives Every Day

We design robots that act autonomously without the help of humans. This requires tight integration of acute perception, autonomous navigation, manipulation, and artificial intelligence.

We design operations that are optimized for both humans and robots. We are not replacing humans, but relying on them to manage automation and to focus on higher-value tasks.

Let technology allow us to reimagine what is possible together.

Revolutionizing e-Commerce Fulfillment

Consumer buying behaviors are changing. Consumers want more product choices, are ordering smaller quantities, and want faster deliveries. For IAM Robotics’ clients, this means SKU proliferation, a long tail business strategy, and more operational efficiencies throughout distribution and fulfillment centers. Our solution maximizes:

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Long-Tail Automation

Our Swift robots were designed to pick more long tail inventory products so your people and existing automation systems can be more productive.

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Flexibility in Your Operations

Our robotic solution provides you with the flexibility to scale your business’ growth or change as your business changes.

Redeploy labor to more valuable segments and functions in your operations

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