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Revolutionizing e-Commerce Fulfillment

IAM Robotics is disrupting the e-commerce fulfillment industry. Our groundbreaking autonomous robot solutions improve e-commerce efficiency, giving retailers a competitive advantage, and empowering them to solve today’s operational challenges. We design our solutions to maximize:

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Full Automation of Specific Fulfillment Tasks

Our autonomous robots enhance the work of your existing labor force, fully automating piece picking and e-commerce fulfillment through automated material selection and transport

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Flexibility in Your Operations

Our robotic labor source can flex with short-term fluctuations, scale with growth or change as your business changes

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Return on Investment

Our adaptable automation solution requires little-to-no capital investment, ensuring seamless e-commerce operations that optimize ROI

We Envision a World Where Robots Enhance Lives Every Day

We design robots that act autonomously without the help of humans. This requires tight integration of acute perception, autonomous navigation, manipulation, and artificial intelligence.

We design operations that are optimized for both humans and robots. We are not replacing humans, but relying on them to manage automation and to focus on higher-value tasks.

Let technology allow us to reimagine what is possible together.

Serving e-Commerce

IAM Robotics delivers flexible autonomous robotic material handling solutions for e-commerce order fulfillment, targeting grocery, health and beauty, pharmaceuticals, and consumer-packaged goods. Specifically, we offer:


Piece, or Each picking

For inventory mixes of high SKUs and Low Order Quantity


Goods-to-person or robot

A new robotic storage and retrieval system that allows for better efficiency, greater flexibility and less fixed costs in managing your fulfillment processes.

Redeploy labor to more valuable segments and functions in your operations

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