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A Quantum Leap in Warehouse Automation

IAM Robotics Has Built the World’s First Mobile, Autonomous Piece Picking Robot

Mobile Picking Robot

Introducing Swift, an autonomous robot that navigates your warehouse aisles to pick products or retrieve goods.

Transform your operations:

  • Scale automation without changing warehouse structure
  • Meet rising consumer demand for rapid delivery
  • Increase productivity and accuracy around the clock
  • Reduce overhead and turnover costs
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The Order Fulfillment Solution of the Future is Here...This is What it Looks Like

The IAM Robotics solution combines a 3D SKU Scanner (Flash), Mobile Picking Robot (Swift), and Software Interface (SwiftLink) that integrates with your Warehouse Management System.


Proven Technology That Transforms Fulfillment Operations Within Your Existing Distribution Center

Applications and Industries

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Beauty Products

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Grocery Stores

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"Integrating these robots into our warehouse required very little change in the infastructure of our warehouse and they can pick orders 4x or 5x faster than human pickers."

Gary Ritzmann, Project Manager at Rochester Drug Company

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The IAM Preferred™ program will reward our early adopter customers in many ways. As a part of this early adopter program, you will have leading edge picking robotics to streamline your warehouse operations and you will benefit from special pricing and payment terms.

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