As 2021 begins, IAM Robotics Founder, Tom Galluzzo, shares his thoughts—and his thanks—for one of the strangest years to be a company leader. Keep reading for Tom’s insights into a whirlwind year.

Unprecedented. Challenging. A new normal. Call it what you will—this was a hard year for everyone, and I couldn’t be prouder of what our team achieved in 2020. While it’s a personal priority to show gratitude to the entire IAM Robotics family every day, taking the shrink wrap off a new calendar lets me reflect on where our team and clients have come from and where we’re headed. A toast to 2020—the good, the bad, and the in between. 

It’s Always Possible to Do Big Things (Even During a Pandemic)

IAM Robotics was fortunate this year, to not only weather a stressful time but continue to thrive and grow. We set out to do more in 2020, and our efforts paid off. 

The elephant in the room: 2020 was hard because keeping everyone safe through COVID-19 took priority, impacting everything we do. IAM Robotics swiftly developed a safety protocol in addition to government recommendations and mandates. We’ve adjusted as necessary, with limited office presence this year, and thankfully have had zero positive cases within the company. Thanks to everyone who’s done their part.

On a brighter note, I couldn’t write this without a huge callout to one of this year’s major projects: delivering and deploying 12 Swift™ robots to A.S. Watson in the Netherlands. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into our manufacturing, testing, and software to prepare for this project—including fleet management software and autonomy upgrades—knowing the immense potential Swift has for the client’s success. 

In addition to that, our eyes are forever to the future. We know there’s more to material handling than piece picking. So we also designed and built prototypes for a whole new robot this year—Bolt™, our new AMR. Bolt will allow IAM Robotics to enter a bigger and faster-growing market with general AMRs, and the product is already opening doors to new business opportunities.

Bolt Bolt with TREW Topper

Of course, with success comes more work to do. So IAM Robotics opened a new headquarters and Showcase Innovation Center in Lawrenceville, elevating the look and feel of the company and expanding our abilities to test our products. As a result, we’ve grown our team to nearly 70 people, and I can’t wait to share the space and our ideas together.  

New Year’s Resolution and 2021 Plans

Onward and upward. 2020 saw several twists and turns, but our dedication never wavered and it never will. Our team of thinkers, doers, and tinkerers doesn’t rest, and big things are coming.

My resolution for IAM Robotics in 2021 is to relentlessly focus on executing our commitments to customers for Swift, Bolt, and new products. That includes several system deployments for new and existing applications of our robots by the year’s end. Bolt is set to be commercially available this spring, and —you didn’t hear this from me—the team is already deep underway with a top secret new robot in partnership with a stellar automation company (more on that in the coming months). The best is yet to come!

Happy New Year to All

IAM Robotics wouldn’t be where it is without our people. THANK YOU for your hard work, dedication, and especially your commitment to our continued health and safety. Of course, our partners and clients are just as important, allowing us to do the unimaginable. So from our team to yours, we share our gratitude and hope you have a safe, healthy, and productive 2021. Happy New Year!