Air Cargo Presents a Vision of Warehouse 4.0, IAM Robotics A Key Player

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Air Cargo World recently wrote an article about IAM Robotics as a key player for Warehouse 4.0. Randy Woods the article author says our robot is “part of the cargo industry’s slow-but-steady embrace of “Industry 4.0” technology, the most recent step in the evolution of materials handling and manufacturing – the others being 19th century mechanization (1.0), mass production via electricity (2.0) and automation in the late 20th century (3.0). For the current century, we have added “smart” technology that networks these various autonomous systems via the cloud and the internet of things.”

The article also states “Swift can carry out pick-and-pack processing completely on its own for an indefinite period due to its complex algorithms and connection via wi-fi to IAM’s central processor.” and “Swift represents “the next generation of pick-and-pack robots” to be deployed in warehouses and distribution centers”

This simple distribution center pick, multiplied by millions, is the future of the US$4 trillion logistics industry – or at least it may be, after these first baby steps toward true pick-and-pack automation are mastered in the warehouse.

If you would like to read the article in full please click here

IAM Robotics provides a complete set of technologies required for autonomous mobile manipulation solutions, with a focus on order picking and retrieval. With a platform of products including the Swift autonomous piece-picking robot, IAM is uniquely suited to help supply chain managers succeed and scale in the face of e-commerce challenges and increasing customer demands. For more information please visit www.iamrobotics.com.