Benefits of Attending RoboBusiness 2018

By October 4, 2018March 30th, 2021No Comments

As we reflect upon RoboBusiness 2018 last week, our team believes it’s an exciting time to be part of a growing robotics landscape. Automation that didn’t previously exist is now accelerating in multiple industries.

Deepu Talla, Vice President & General Manager of Autonomous Machines at NVIDIA, discussed is his keynote address how artificial intelligence platforms are needed to advance the state of technology and enable machines to perform human tasks. IAM is excited to have been mentioned in Deepu’s presentation as a leading company leveraging these platforms.

As intelligent robots are deployed alongside human workers, it’s appropriate for business leaders to debate topics such as safety, organizational risk, integration, and the development of new work processes and roles. A key takeaway from the conference, however, is the business expectation for mobile manipulation and greater flexibility. Our goal is to pursue fully automated, autonomous robots that can perform more complex tasks.

Ken Goldberg, Distinguished Chair of Engineering at UC Berkeley, presented enlightening views on the new wave in robot grasping technology. IAM Robotics is proud of our innovations that can pick items at rates that meet industry requirements, far ahead of the competition.

Conferences such as RoboBusiness are necessary for developing the industry. In one location, we could attend technical sessions, meet suppliers and technology partners, discuss different business approaches, and meet service providers to deliberate legal, regulatory and trade issues. It’s safe to say that Robotics Business Review has provided our organization a true sense of the present market and a portal view into the future.

In closing, we were asked to predict what supply chain markets can expect from robotics in the next few years. The material handling industry has been educating itself and experimenting with different technologies. Many leaders believe warehouse labor shortages aren’t being solved, and large fixed, highly expensive systems must be deployed in the biggest population centers. IAM firmly believes the industry is going to see a proliferation of flexible, mobile based solutions that can perform 90-100% of specific manual tasks, without sacrificing the flexibility needed in increasingly competitive and rapidly changing market landscape.

The state of the robotics environment feels similar to foundational computing in the mid-1960s or personal computing in the mid-1980s. Few business or technology professionals predicted the explosion of those industries. Every technology has its early adopters. Reported successes and increased familiarity then leads to a phase of rapid growth. Intelligent, autonomous robotics are now undergoing that transition. IAM Robotics believes the future of robotics is predictable, and we are ready to transform the industry.