How to Pick the Best Robots for Your Warehouse Operations

By October 1, 2019March 30th, 2021No Comments

Robots are transforming warehouses and distribution centers worldwide into highly-efficient, automated spaces that fully leverage the power of digitization.

By emulating human work and automating repetitive tasks, robots blend machinery with software to create “virtual workforce” that can be applied to existing applications; communicate with other systems; and control data across the enterprise. This, in turn, allows companies to make better use of their current labor forces, digitalize their operations, save money, and leverage their data for better decision making.

As demand for more efficient DCs continues, and as the labor market shortage persists, companies that want to compete effectively must factor robotics and automation into their game plans. The companies that adapt and grow will endure, with agile newcomers gaining the opportunity to deliver on customer satisfaction better than today’s incumbents. The firms that explore and iterate with flexible automation will be best positioned to generate new levels of customer satisfaction—all while leveraging automation as a fundamental competitive requirement.

The white paper discusses:

  • The evolution of robotic solutions;
  • Choosing the solution for your warehouse or distribution center; and
  • The difference between autonomous mobile robots and mobile manipulation robots.