IAM Robotics to Attend RoboBusiness 2018

By September 25, 2018March 30th, 2021No Comments

IAM Robotics is proud to announce it will attend RoboBusiness 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California from September 26-27. The annual conference is the pioneering event of the global robotics industry. As the leader of flexible autonomous robotic material handling solutions, IAM will continue to develop strategic relationships to address growing e-commerce demands and wide-ranging labor shortages in the material handling industry. RoboBusiness provides IAM the opportunity to meet directly with prospective customers, explore business trends, and evaluate new technologies.

RoboBusiness is produced by Robotics Business Review, which has recognized IAM Robotics as one of the top 50 robotics companies in the world for the past three years. Only 15 companies have made the list three times or more over the last seven years. The RBR50 represents the most innovative and influential robotic companies.

“The growth of the robotics industry is beginning to accelerate,” says Joel Reed, IAM Robotics CEO & President. “The RBR50 recognizes fundamental ways in which our patented technologies will impact the logistics and supply chain markets.”

For more than 13 years, RoboBusiness has brought together thousands of executives, engineers, investors, startups, and robotics experts who choose to implement robotics in their businesses. IAM Robotics is proud to attend this event and build relationships with leaders in supply chain logistics and robotic solutions.

Founded in 2012, IAM Robotics was the first company to offer a robotics solution that autonomously navigates human-friendly environments, identifies the location of objects, and picks individual items or bins. The Swift Product Suite provides a complete robotic solution for e-commerce order fulfillment and material handling in logistics and manufacturing. IAM’s solutions also offer a compelling return on investment (ROI) without sacrificing flexibility. That’s the competitive advantage retailers and distributors need in today’s rapidly shifting marketplace. For requests for more information, or to meet IAM Robotics at RoboBusiness, please contact us at: info@iamrobotics.com.