IAM Robotics Launches Fully Autonomous Mobile Picking Robot

By April 4, 2016June 2nd, 2020No Comments

Pittsburgh, PA — Today, IAM Robotics announced the general availability of their flagship product, Swift, a fully autonomous mobile picking robot.

The robot is the key part of a complete order fulfillment solution being introduced by the company, which includes IAM Flash, a 3D item scanner, and SwiftLink fleet management software. The company is bringing the solution to market through an incentivized early adopter customer program called IAM Preferred, and is kicking off the product launch this week by demonstrating it live at the MODEX 2016 tradeshow in Atlanta, GA.

“Properly executed robotic picking is a game changing technology for supply chain and warehouse managers. Our Swift piece picking robot combines perception, manipulation and mobility to deliver a scalable solution and address a critical unmet need for lean warehouse automation,” stated IAM Robotics CEO Tom Galluzzo.

Swift easily integrates into warehouse operations without requiring changes to existing infrastructure. Navigating multiple aisles and picking at or above human-level speeds, Swift enables you to cost-effectively streamline operations and handle the increasing pressures of e-commerce. Flash scans products to create a uniform item database, while also teaching Swift to how to recognize the products it retrieves. SwiftLink provides a simple single point interface to connect, monitor, and coordinate a set of Swift robots with various Warehouse Management Systems (WMSs).

  • Swift – Is the first fully autonomous mobile picking robot
  • Swift – Provides a clear improvement to picking speed and accuracy
  • SwiftLink – Seamless connection of our automated system with existing infrastructure
  • Flash – Allows Swift to start picking operations in as little as 24 hours

“Autonomous picking is a transformative, enabling technology that will help managers scale warehouse operations while reducing costs and inconsistent operations. Customers who join our IAM Preferred program will enjoy a low cost to use Swift and in turn, see a strong return on their investment,” added Galluzzo.

About IAM Robotics: IAM Robotics provides a complete set of technologies required for autonomous mobile manipulation, with a focus on order picking and stock work. The company was founded by robotics experts from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the defense technology industry. For more information, please visit www.iamrobotics.com.