IAM Robotics Launches a Flexible Warehouse AS/RS with Bin Handling

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The Solution, the Swift Picking Module, Becomes the Most Flexible and Affordable Automated Storage and Retrieval Solution (AS/RS) To Date

Atlanta, GA – April 8, 2018. IAM Robotics, a leading innovator of autonomous fulfillment solutions, announces the availability of the Swift Picking Module, an e-Commerce goods-to-person or goods-to-robot solution that helps logistics companies address labor issues, increase capacity, and maintain operational flexibility during a time of industry disruption and intensifying competition. IAM will showcase the Picking Module and demonstrate the ability to autonomously store and retrieve bins and totes at MODEX 2018, the leading trade show for supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution industries.

With the rising demands of e-Commerce and a tightening labor market, logistics operators need cost-effective, flexible material handling solutions for order fulfillment.

Today’s solutions are limited in that they are either very expensive or only partially alleviate increasing labor shortages. Today’s fulfillment operations require automated solutions that are low cost, modular in design, flexible, and a complete solution to labor challenges.

The Swift Pick Module is a flexible AS/RS setup in a traditional warehouse environment where robots work around the clock at human speeds and accuracy picking individual items, handling bins of materials, and performing replenishment duties. Robots bring goods to stations for final packing, shipping, and other fulfillment processes.

Tom Galluzzo, Founder of IAM Robotics notes, “the solution was designed to be modular so customers can deploy it incrementally over time, and scale as needed. This helps them overcome fear related to the ‘point of no return’ normally associated with comprehensive automated solutions. Further, it gives them more flexibility at a time when planners cannot see one year into the future, let alone five.”

IAM joins other companies offering robotic solutions for bins and totes; however, IAM offers unparalleled performance in terms of speed, range of handling (pick and place), and overall reliability.

The Swift Pick Module can be setup at a cost and flexibility that makes it feasible for organizations of all sizes and types – from small, medium and large-sized fulfillment warehouses, to micro-fulfillment centers, to new fulfillment concepts such “dark” stores. Companies can start small, then scale rapidly as e-Commerce demand grows or market conditions dictate.

The Swift Picking Module and IAM’s leading tote and bin handling system is viewable on YouTube (http://bit.ly/IAMSwiftPickModule) and on display at MODEX 2018 April 9-12. Stop by Booth #B4176 to learn more, or contact IAM Robotics at info@iamrobotics.com to receive a free assessment.


About IAM Robotics: IAM Robotics provides fully operational intelligent, autonomous material handling solutions built for e-Commerce order fulfillment and material handling in logistics and manufacturing. IAM Robotics’ solutions provide a full solution to existing labor challenges and allow organizations to get ahead of competition in the race to automate logistics, without sacrificing financial returns. For more information, please visit http://www.iamrobotics.com.

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