IAM Robotics Participates in TEDxCMU Innovation Series

Tom Galluzzo, Founder and CTO of IAM Robotics, recently participated in the TEDxCMU Innovation Series, part of the Synapse 2020 event. Catch up on Tom’s full interview.

The IAM Robotics Mission

As a warehouse automation company, IAM Robotics works with customers to automate their e-commerce fulfillment operations. We do this by developing autonomous mobile robots (AMR) with computer vision to move goods around warehouses, e-commerce fulfillment centers, and buy online, pick up in-store (BOPUS) operations.

We’re based in Pittsburgh, PA, with a new Showcase Innovation Center on Robotics Row, just outside Lawrenceville. While we definitely have competition across the country and worldwide, our fellow Pittsburgh-based robotics companies are working on similar and complementary technologies.

Recognizing and Collaborating with Our Competitors

IAM Robotics is devoted to fulfillment operations, but we proudly recognize our peers. BossaNova Robotics works with robots to scan inventory in retail stores; Seegrid moves larger goods in spacious facilities, and Aethon manufactures AMRs for healthcare and manufacturing applications. Why is important? Because we envision strategic partnerships as each of us moves beyond the start-up stage, connecting our different technologies and applications together.

Labor and Fulfillment Challenges

The biggest challenge in e-commerce is replacing the amount of labor required in the industry. U.S. consumers spend about 40 billion hours per year shopping for goods, which is fulfillment work they’re basically doing for free. When you move that work online, it equals about 20 million full-time jobs—not nearly enough people in the country to meet demand. As e-commerce continues to grow, companies will need to automate more.

IAM Robotics reallocates the physical touches that would otherwise be required for e-commerce fulfillment and hands them off to the robots. This way, companies can use robots as a tool to scale, achieving more throughput and volume to meet growing consumer demands.

IAM Robotics’ Automation Solutions

IAM Robotics provides automation solutions that give you the power to do more, and we’re just getting started.

Take Bolt, our new AMR, for instance. Bolt is the foundation for all of our technology. Bolt navigates autonomously using simultaneous local vision and mapping (SLAM) and LiDAR sensors to see the surrounding environment, understand its place in that environment, and navigate through it. Warehouses are constantly changing, and Bolt responds by safely driving around obstacles and people.

On top of Bolt (both literally and figuratively), we’ve built several different applications, including Swift, our autonomous mobile manipulation robot (AMMR). Like any shopper, Swift navigates aisles, sees different items, and collects those goods (often into a batch)—aggregating multiple orders at a time. Swift’s newest version is a tote handling application that expands the pick and pack operation.

We’ve designed our solutions as a pick-and-choose suite of products. To provide that flexibility, we partner with integrators who work directly with clients to figure out the best design for their warehouse, how many robots they need, and what robot(s) makes sense for their operation. Conveniently, our robots work seamlessly with existing automation. Along the way, we make it our job to provide not only best-in-class autonomous robots, but also industry-leading uptime and productivity, access to remote monitoring, and support from our team.

Meet Your Partner in Modern Material Handling

IAM Robotics continues to work with our customers and business partners to expand the operations we support. There isn’t enough time in the day anymore to do each order fulfillment task without automation. We know it’s imperative to build automation efficiencies to handle growing demand. Will you join us?