Pittsburgh, PA, August 17, 2021  – IAM Robotics is pleased to welcome Krishna Venkatasamy as the company’s new SVP of engineering. Venkatasamy joins the team with 25 years of software engineering experience, 20 years of which has been specific to supply chain solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

Venkatasamy steps into the SVP of engineering role to bolster the engineering focus area within IAM Robotics by leading all hardware, software, and enterprise software initiatives. Uniquely suited to the challenges of the role, he brings expertise in warehouse management and product management to propel IAM Robotics’ product engineering forward. Prior to joining IAM Robotics, Venkatasamy held executive positions with Manhattan Associates and Lucas Systems, as senior director of product management and CTO, respectively. 

Venkatasamy is eager to join the IAM Robotics team. “IAM Robotics is working from a solid technological foundation, and has lots of potential to be a leader in the autonomous material handling space. I’m excited to join the team and build on our core robotics offering, and develop products and solutions that drive efficiency in the supply chain,” he said. “We have a great opportunity to innovate and deliver solutions that are an order of magnitude improved over the current generation of autonomous solutions.”

With Venkatasamy assuming the SVP of engineering role, IAM Robotics will continue to build momentum behind its product development and increase its focus on solving supply chain challenges.

CEO Lance VandenBrook commented on Venkatasamy’s appointment, saying, “We are very excited to have Krishna join the team, and look forward to his leadership and vision for our engineering teams.”

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About IAM Robotics

IAM Robotics provides the premier material handling robotics solution with the Power to Move More.

We are dedicated to delivering adaptable, scalable, and comprehensive autonomous mobile robot material handling solutions that seamlessly integrate into any operational environment. Our robotics engineers and supply chain veterans work closely with partners and clients to model, simulate, and configure optimal solutions that keep their businesses competitive. 

IAM Robotics was founded in 2012 and is proudly based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company is home to over 70 employees and supports customers worldwide. To learn more, please visit iamrobotics.com.