IAM Robotics Welcomes New Vice President of Operations

IAM Robotics is pleased to welcome Juliana (Jewls) Naugle as the company’s new VP of people operations. Naugle joins the team from Amare Medical Network, where she was head of human resources.

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In her role at IAM Robotics, she will work to refine hiring processes, streamline onboarding, and develop career pathing and employee retention programs. Naugle exemplifies the skills needed to achieve these goals. During her tenure with Amare Medical Network, she developed and executed human resource initiatives for 475 employees, including compensation systems and employee recognition programs. Naugle also reduced both time to hire by 40 percent and employee turnover by over 75 percent.

“Knowing that I have the opportunity to shape employee development and create positive experiences for team members is exciting for me. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished to propel fellow professionals forward in their careers, and I look forward to continuing to do this in an industry that’s new to me and much of the world,” Naugle said of her journey and transition to robotics.

As IAM Robotics continues to grow, a core priority for human resources will be to attract and retain talented team members to grow our solutions and the robotics industry.

“Robotics is a challenging business, and we need the best and brightest to forge our path as we look to develop innovative products and solutions that will change the future of e-commerce and material handling,” said Lance VandenBrook, CEO of IAM Robotics. “Jewls is positioned to source and develop the talent we need to thrive in this increasingly competitive industry.”

Devoted to providing excellence in people operations, Naugle has top-tier training in addition to leadership experience. She holds a Six-Sigma Yellow Belt certification, a TopGrading Recruitment certification, and spends her free time mentoring HR professionals. She holds a B.S. in Business Management and Human Resources and an MBA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


In a world that expects instant fulfillment, warehouses aren’t built or staffed to keep up. IAM Robotics delivers innovative automation solutions that power operational excellence in an on-demand world where companies can no longer afford not to automate.

Our gritty, client-focused team of nearly 100 engineers and supply chain veterans has developed a powerful solution that combines proprietary software with collaborative mobile robots that work seamlessly alongside people to dramatically increase operational efficiency in warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment centers. 

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