Helen Kish

Saint Vincent College

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


What is your major?

My major is mechanical engineering, but I’m also getting a math minor and a sacred music minor from Saint Vincent College.

What do you hope to gain from your internship with IAM Robotics?Helen outdoors | IAM Robotics

I hope to learn more about software and robotics, gain experience, and make connections. Each new day is exciting, especially in testing. There’s enthusiasm present in several different areas of the company, which makes a great atmosphere.

What kind of projects do you look forward to at IAM Robotics?

I’m really looking forward to finishing all the testing related to Bolt REV-2. At that point, features like fine alignment will be improved upon by the Bolt software team and the AMR will hopefully be even more desirable to customers.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?blue heron bird | IAM Robotics

I love hiking, knitting, running, music, and generally being outdoors. I live by North Park, so it’s always fun to go kayaking or exploring there. I enjoy seeing wildlife like great blue herons or water snakes.

What are your professional goals after completing your education?

So far, I love the field of robotics and would be happy to continue working in it for as long as possible. Working as a mechanical engineer for IAMR would be fantastic!

Did anything surprise you when you started at IAM Robotics?

The lack of formality on the cultural level. People here are friendly and generally very down to earth, and are willing to explain what they’re working on, which is helpful when you’re working with those outside of the team. The cordialness and openness of the team was a pleasant surprise, and it made the first few weeks a lot easier than they probably would have been otherwise. 

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