Jenna Hartmann

Chatham University

Master of Business Administration


What is your major?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with minors in Management Information Systems and Psychology. I am currently pursuing my Master of Business Administration at Chatham.

What do you hope to gain from your internship with IAM Robotics?

I hope to learn more about the industry, improve my skills in marketing, and gain valuable experience. Robotics is an industry that I’m not as familiar with, which will provide me with challenges that test my knowledge. I’m also excited to learn more about digital marketing and implement the skills I learn in my future endeavors.

What are some of the coolest projects you’ve worked on professionally so far? 

I once completed a back-to-school campaign for a previous internship that I filmed, edited, and coordinated myself. My proudest accomplishment to date is how popular it was on social media.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy exploring different areas in Pittsburgh. I just movedJenna in Pittsburgh | IAM Robotics in October 2019, so I haven’t had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in all the city has to offer. I look forward to the day I can go out and see everything.

What are your professional goals after completing your education?

I found my passion in research and data analysis as an undergraduate, and as I pursue my master’s I want to further my education in that field. Post-graduation I hope to enter the field of marketing research and data analytics.

What are you listening to/watching?

I have a very diverse music library, but my current favorite group is AJR, specifically their newest album, OK Orchestra. I’ve also been watching all of the Marvel shows on Disney+.

Did anything surprise you when you started at IAM Robotics?

The overall culture of the company. Everyone always saysJenna Be Love Sign | IAM Robotics their company is “one big happy family,” but here it is extremely true. From the minute I stepped into the office, people I didn’t know were saying hi to me and it made me feel proud to be a part of this company.

If you could give one bit of advice to other students as they look for an internship, what would it be?

Do your research on a company before applying, and look at local newsletters in addition to big job boards such as LinkedIn. I found this position from an article about on-the-rise tech companies and was pleasantly surprised at how good the reviews were on Glassdoor and Google. Also, utilize your networking skills—it can really help.

Favorite robot movie?

I haven’t seen many, but I would have to say Big Hero 6 (I adore Baymax).

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