Just Arrived at ProMat 2017

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Chicago, IL: We are pleased to announce our booth is up and running. We will be demonstrating our product line and announcing a new version of “Flash” at ProMat 2017 in Chicago Illinois, April 3rd – 6th. Come check us out to see our solutions in action and what IAM Robotics can do for you! See the latest innovation in warehouse robotics that will drive your productivity to an all-time high. Come check out the conference seminars, enjoy our exhibit, and see if you qualify for a visit to one of our customer sites. We look forward to meeting you.

We Will Be Demonstrating:


One of the most anticipated products since last year is the latest version of our mobile Flash Product Scanner. It integrates into your warehouse management system making product induction fast, fun, and easy. Flash was crafted with ergonomics in mind for warehouses that require or desire product dimension data. What makes Flash so revolutionary is its 3D image studio, high-resolution camera, visual built-in touch display, and sensitive weight scale. Unlike old product scanners Flash takes both 3D and 2D images of products, and its ergonomic design with interactive interface lets you scan hundreds of products an hour. Flash’s portable power supply system, mobile cart, and handheld scanner you can take the system where an old CubiScan Scanner could never go. Flash is the easiest scanner to integrate into your business, offering a customized interface to fit your specific data collection and transfer needs. Flash allows you to get back to what matters most in your business.


Swift was developed for warehouse managers who are experiencing staffing challenges, or an exhausted labor force, who want/need flexibility and greater throughput in their warehouse. Swift is an Intelligent Automated Manipulation Robot that can be implemented into current infrastructure with no shutdown necessary. Unlike other Robotics Systems that are still dependent on labor and a large number of robots, Swift is capable of working interchangeably with human labor so you can begin automating labor-intensive tasks today. With one Swift robot you can begin working at above human level speeds in your current infrastructure, saving money with each shift.

SwiftLink Server

SwiftLink Server was designed with the IT manager in mind. It makes integrating our solution into your pre-existing IT infrastructure a breeze. SwiftLink is a back office application that connects your warehouse to the robotic fleet, optimizing product locations, picking operations, and manipulating static data. Unlike other servers, IAM Robotics has developed an unmatched interface capability allowing integration to any type of Warehouse Management System. With SwiftLink Server, you can seamlessly integrate our product line into the heart of your company.

Swift Link Viewer

SwiftLink Viewer takes our solution one step further, changing the way you interact with your warehouse. This application is a virtual platform to keep managers informed and track key performance indicators in real-time. SwiftLink Viewer allows you to view and work the dynamic data in real-time, giving you a continuous snapshot of workflow performance, inventory, and any problems, all from an IOS or Android device. Swift Link Viewer equips managers with the software needed to effectively configure and command the best of their operations. IAM Robotics has over eighty combined years of experience focusing exclusively on developing the most state-of-the-art automated robotics systems in the market.

Don’t forget to swing by Booth #S3584

To learn more about Flash and how our product line can help you save time, money, and create efficiency in your workplace, visit us online at www.IAMRobotics.com/contact or call us at 412.626.7425 and speak to an IAM Robotics representative today. We look forward to hearing from you.

IAM Robotics provides a complete set of technologies required for autonomous mobile manipulation solutions, with a focus on order picking and retrieval. With a platform of products including the Swift intelligent automated manipulation robot, IAM is uniquely suited to help supply chain managers succeed and scale in the face of e-commerce challenges and increasing customer demands. For more information please visit www.iamrobotics.com.