Looking Back on 2019 and Preparing for 2020

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IAM Robotics experienced tremendous growth in 2019. Our growth has allowed us to better understand the industry and our solution, and identify our niche market in pre-packaged health and beauty products. As a result, we have begun to actively place products in the marketplace, in the U.S. and globally.

Our Swift Product Solution is transforming e-commerce fulfillment centers by providing a complete automation solution for warehouses and distribution centers. By automating the picking of long tail products, Swift relieves the tremendous pressure that’s building in warehouses due to SKU proliferation.

Operators struggle to grow due to constraints in labor and capacity. IAM shoulders the load for pickable long tail items allowing operators to concentrate scarce labor resources and create more capacity in traditional automation systems. Our customers are growing their SKU assortment without adding labor. In 2020 and beyond, we will continue to strengthen our core solution, and expand it to meet the evolving needs of the fulfillment industry.

The problems we are solving are global. As such, we have taken strides to achieve the CE marking that assures conformity with the health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Market. We are excited to have signed on an international account based out of Europe this year, and look forward to more such opportunities in the coming year.

IAM Robotics continued to be recognized by our peers as a leader in the robotics industry, with RoboBusiness naming us a Top 50 Robotic Company worldwide, for the fourth consecutive year. We received this award alongside industry leaders including Fanuc, ABB, Seegrid, Brain Corp., Yaskawa and more. We were also named one of SupplyChainBrain 100 Great Supply Chain Partners, and were a Tech 50 Finalist for Innovator of the Year in AI & Robotics by the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

As we continue this growth trend in 2020, we’ll be moving into a new office space with a Showcase Innovation Center that will allow clients to visit and see our robots in action on a larger scale. We have also doubled the size of our staff in the past year, growing our team with some of the most innovative professionals in the robotics industry. We are who we are because of our people, and we are tremendously proud of our staff and excited for its continued growth.

We also have added Greg Cronin as an executive board member and advisor. Widely considered to be the father of warehouse management systems, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and will help guide IAM Robotics’ transformative technology into real-world eCommerce solutions.

2020 promises to be an exciting year for IAM Robotics and the robotics and automation industries. As we bring new products and solutions to the market, we will continue our efforts to work with companies who are leaders in bringing automation to the marketplace, and putting real solutions to work.

The IAM Robotics team that creates real world ecommerce solutions.