IAM Robotics Bolt Application Data Request

*If there are any questions, please reach out to david.snyder@iamrobotics.com

Opportunity location
Deployment timing
Business objective
Evaluation criteria
What is being transported?
How will Bolt be signaled to initiate tasks? (push/pull system)
How will the Bolts be coordinated and prioritized for task execution?
Alternative solutions being considered

1. Unit Information



Dimensions (LxWxH)

2. CAD Layout of Facility

*Attach to email or add screenshot on tab provided

If not possible, travel distance

3. Operation Information

Slow Days

Average Days

Peak Days

Paid hours/shift

4. Total System Design Rates




Target system throughput (units/hr)
Upstream rates to determine accumulation zones
Downstream rates to determine accumulation zones

5. Pickup & Dropoff Information

Slow Days

Average Days

Peak Days

# Pickup stations
# Dropoff stations
Processing time at stations, if applicable
Pickup & dropoff types (ex. manual, conveyor, etc.)
If conveyor pickup/dropoff type, width of conveyors
If conveyor pickup/dropoff type, height of conveyors
Are there return flow or interleaving opportunities?

6. Travel Specifics

Will there be any additional traffic, such as humans or forklifts travelling across Bolt travel paths?
Will there be any obstacles for Bolt to interract with, such as doors or large objects?

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Rich Flati