The IAM Robotics Product Suite

IAM Robotics leverages autonomous robot solutions to provide next-generation warehouse automation. Our autonomous mobile robots are compatible with custom features to automate order picking, material handling, and tote transport. With years of experience helping companies maximize their productivity and ROI, our mobile robotic solutions power operational excellence in an on-demand world.

Meet Our Products

IAM Robotics Bolt

I AM Bolt™

Bolt is a collaborative autonomous mobile robot (AMR), designed to work with and around people for handling and transporting materials within and between zones inside a traditional warehouse environment. It also has a flexible interface for multiple payload options that can be used for various applications. Bolt is intended to be modular, so you can deploy additional robots over time and scale as needed.



Swift is the workhorse of the operation. Once it receives an order from SwiftLink, Swift independently fulfills it. It can work alone for smaller facilities, or as a fleet for larger operations. With a hot-swappable battery to support 10+ hours of continuous operation, each robot can pick across three shifts with almost no interruption. Use Swift to transform your pack and ship operations into a competitive weapon.

Solution Qualification Process

We partner with you to provide a performance-guaranteed system with minimal risk. We promise our solution will be complementary to your current processes and provide the best ROI to meet your throughput demands.

Opportunity Assessment

We work with you to understand your business objectives. From the information collected, we review, analyze, and simulate several system designs to ensure we provide the best possible automation solution for your business. We call this our Simulation Opportunity Assessment for Robots (SOAR).

IAM Guaranteed Evaluation Period

Based on the IAM Guaranteed terms stated in the contract, we will jointly conduct the agreed upon tests to meet or exceed the IAM Guaranteed Success Criteria.

IAM Guaranteed Contract Terms

Based on the analysis from the Opportunity Assessment, we develop your performance guarantee. We stand behind our performance guarantee, because we know our solutions will meet or exceed the IAM Guaranteed Success Criteria as defined in any contract.

Ongoing Operational Support

We are dedicated to your success and have a Robot Operations Center filled with a team ready to help. We offer a bumper to bumper warranty, software updates, and quarterly Pulse Reports showing a usage and benefit analysis.

IAM Guaranteed Installation Support

We provide onsite installation assistance to ensure all robots and integrations are working as designed. We also provide onsite training and training materials for your teams.

New robotics technologies: Swift end effector

Solving the Warehouse Labor Shortage

Warehousing employers are facing increasing pressures on cost and delivery time from the exploding e-commerce industry. This comes at a time when many companies are facing a national labor shortage of workers to fill these warehouse jobs. For employees, these changes demand increased pick rates and hours. Additionally, many in the warehouse workforce spend up to 90% of their time just walking from one item to the next. The result is unhappy employees with harmful turnover rates. Employees who stay typically experience high rates of work-related injuries from lifting and repetitive motions.

With the IAM Robotics Product Suite, these concerns no longer exist. By letting our robots do the walking and the picking, your staff can focus on activities that deliver even greater value to your organization. Partnering with IAM Robotics, you will outperform your competition on throughput while providing a faster order fulfillment for your customers.

RDC Warehouse Integration

Like many businesses today, RDC was facing an increase in customer demand and having a hard time finding labor. They needed a cost-effective solution that allowed them to concentrate their employees on higher-value tasks such as flow-rack picking and stock management. To maintain operating costs, this required automating their long-travel, low-velocity products on their mezzanine. Traditional solutions such as automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) were too costly and required too many infrastructure changes. Other robotic solutions still required manual picking that couldn’t match their existing pick rates or couldn’t reach all of their available locations. Swift, from IAM Robotics, had none of these shortcomings. Their first Swift robot has been in service continuously and has picked countless items from thousands of SKUs at speeds close to RDC’s people. RDC is now in the process of fully deploying a set of Swift robots across over 15,000 different SKUs.

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