Partner with IAM Robotics and Bring the Future of AMR Technology to Life

At IAM Robotics, we’re focused on making automation practical for retailers, and our partners see the potential of human and robot collaboration. Together we’re roadmapping the future of automation, uncovering new applications along the way.

Acme provides flexible automation solutions to reduce your costs and produce high-quality parts. As a fellow FANUC integrator, Acme works with IAM Robotics to develop FANUC arm applications for our Bolt platform. Learn more at

Conveyor Solutions Inc. is a system integrator that uses technology to design automation solutions, procedural improvements, flexible software, and reliable equipment. IAM Robotics turns to Conveyor Solutions to match our robots with the companies that need them most, guiding them through design, development, delivery, and deployment. Learn more at

Supply chain companies pursue automation to keep up with growing e-commerce order fulfillment and labor shortages. DB Schenker partners with IAM Robotics to provide logistics companies with autonomous robotics solutions, giving them a competitive advantage. Learn more at

Durabotics Inc. is a licensed robotic systems integrator for major industrial robot brands, like fellow partner, FANUC. They integrate collaborative robots into warehouse environments. IAM Robotics trusts Durabotics to expand our national reach, providing companies with our AMR solutions. Learn more at

Originally known as a leader in the CNC industry, MJC Engineering and Technology, Inc. is also devoted to increasing your productivity without increasing your footprint, so you can operate efficiently. MJC partners with IAM Robotics to elevate our Bolt platform, promoting the product online and exhibiting at trade shows. Learn more at

Premier Automation is an engineering solutions company focused on powering industrial automation, offering industry-specific solutions to boost productivity, efficiency, and systems performance. As an integrator partner, Premier Automation introduces and promotes our AMRs to its network of industrial clients. Learn more at

S&H Systems is a single-source, full-service systems integration company devoted to delivering dependable material handling systems and software. IAM Robotics turns to S&H Systems to leverage their network and provide customers with our groundbreaking automation solutions. Learn more at

Tompkins Robotics is an AMR solutions provider and the developer of the first portable automated sortation system, t-Sort. Tompkins and IAM Robotics are partnering to integrate one of our upcoming robots with the t-Sort parcel sortation system to provide unmatched efficiency and throughput. Learn more at

TREW Automation is an automated material handling solutions provider that acts as a consultant and software, hardware, service, and support partner. TREW partners with IAM Robotics to integrate robotics into traditional material handling operations. Learn more at

XPROMA is an automated logistics systems integrator that provides consulting, planning, software development, project implementation, service, and maintenance services. With the launch of Bolt™, XPROMA serves as our premier partner in Europe, as well as our first European channel partner. Together, we’re demonstrating the value of our new AMR. Learn more at

IAM Robotics is an authorized FANUC system integrator, and the FANUC arm is a key component in our Swift robot. Thanks to the FANUC arm, Swift can pick at human-level speeds (or faster), with more accuracy than manual picking. Learn more at

MechaSpin works with IAM Robotics to develop robot navigation and tracking solutions with the latest LIDAR technology. MechaSpin also enables IAM Robotics to accelerate software development and testing cycles to bring our products to market faster. Learn more at

American Battery Solutions (ABS) provides advanced battery systems for the transportation industry. IAM Robotics works with ABS to provide the battery power and runtime our robots need to operate efficiently. Learn more at

IAM Robotics is part of the Nvidia Inception Program, a partnership that provides access to the latest GPU technology used in our robots for machine learning and AI. Learn more at