IAM Robotics is the Future

IAM Robotics is the future of material handling. Our robotics technology products bring the best of both human and robotic labor forward, backed by a team of automation experts. Our mobile robotics platform powers operational excellence in an on-demand world. But that wouldn’t be possible without our team of robotics engineers and supply chain veterans, who work closely with industry partners to model, simulate, and configure automation solutions that keep businesses competitive.

IAM Robotics Product Suite

Each component of the IAM Robotics Product Suite serves specific functions to provide an autonomous solution for industrial material handling. All products work together, communicating through one-of-a-kind technology developed in-house. This suite is currently deployed in warehouse environments, saving customers time and money at a remarkable rate.

IAM Robotics Bolt

I AM Bolt™

Bolt is a collaborative autonomous mobile robot (AMR), designed to work with and around people for handling and transporting materials within and between zones inside a traditional warehouse environment. It also has a flexible interface for multiple payload options that can be used for various applications. Bolt is intended to be modular, so you can deploy additional robots over time and scale as needed.



Swift is the workhorse of the operation. Once it receives an order from SwiftLink, Swift independently fulfills it. It can work alone for smaller facilities, or as a fleet for larger operations. With a hot-swappable battery to support 10+ hours of continuous operation, each robot can pick across three shifts with almost no interruption. Use Swift to transform your pack and ship operations into a competitive weapon.

Swiftlink Software Robotics Technology Product.


Our robust software interface, SwiftLink, integrates with existing warehouse management systems and makes managing your Swift fleet simple. Issue commands for setup and picking, monitor robot status, track productivity, and receive 24/7 mobile notifications–all from one interface. SwiftLink also provides regular performance analytics against a number of metrics, enabling you to continuously optimize your warehouse with predictable cost-effective results.


Flash is a product dimensioner and photo booth. In less than a second, Flash records the barcode, 3D dimensions, weight and a high-resolution image of any product placed inside. It collects information that teaches our Swift robot how to find the product on your shelving. This data can be used by Swift for picking operations and by your business to support tasks such as inventory management, packing, stocking, and planogram generation.

Swift is working now

Our fully integrated system is currently deployed and ready for order