Bolt is our flagship autonomous mobile robot (AMR), offering unmatched power and efficiency, so customers never have to compromise. Driven by the success of our piece-picking robot, Swift™, we crafted Bolt with the same patented technology—and then some. Bolt uses the most powerful, adaptable, and collaborative AMR technology available. It’s ideal for e-commerce and manufacturing and built with scalability in mind. Experience the power to move more with Bolt.

IAM Robotics Bolt

Bolt Is Transforming Material Handling

AMRs follow two extremes: small and fast, or big and robust. As a result, warehouse operators and manufacturers always tell us they need a midline AMR. IAM Robotics answers that call with Bolt.

Bolt is Powerful

Bolt gives you the power to do more in a fast, just-the-right-size mobile robot. With an industry-leading design, Bolt moves materials faster, longer, and farther in mid-sized applications.

A Powerhouse of Performance

Made to move a range of light to heavy materials, Bolt gets the job done. It’s flexible in industrial applications, and has the largest payload capacity in its class at 300 kg (661 lb).

Get more done, faster and efficiently.

- Free-range navigation
- Zero-turn radius for on-point maneuverability
- Hot-swappable lithium-ion battery 3.5X larger than similar AMRs
- One-person battery swapping in just 10 seconds

Cut On-Floor Labor in Half

Bolt carries twice the weight of a human worker and travels longer distances over a single shift. Reassign people to higher-value tasks and witness new operational efficiencies and increased worker satisfaction.

Bolt is Adaptable

AMRs must fulfill your needs the right way—every time. Bolt’s adaptability and flexibility keep you productive. It easily scales with your business, and allows you to pivot to accommodate changing consumer demands.

Customized Tops

The Bolt interface accepts a variety of tops to fit your needs, including custom tops. Leverage Bolt’s power take-off feature and connect custom tops for highly-specialized tasks.

Key Safety Features

- Back-drivable wheels
- 360-degree obstacle detection
- On-board emergency-stop buttons
- Safety lights
- Power-force-torque limiting

Direct-Drive Wheels

Most AMRs use a motor-driven approach to movement, with a motor going through a gearbox to transfer power to the robot’s wheels. But stopping requires lots of force, so they have bump sensors that detect obstacles and bypass the gearbox to stop the motor.

We knew there was a better way for Bolt: direct-drive wheels. Bolt has sensitive force feedback, turning its whole body into a bump sensor. When Bolt senses even light contact, it sends a signal to the motors, quickly stopping the robot.

IAM Robotics is Devoted to More

IAM Robotics is the future of material handling. Our mobile robotics platform powers operational excellence in an on-demand world. We’re transforming the supply chain, and Bolt is leading the way in autonomous warehouse productivity.