Swiftlink Software

I AM Swiftlink™

SwiftLink software acts as the conductor of the environment by keeping Swift robots optimized and on task around the clock for peak efficiency. SwiftLink communicates order and task status back to your warehouse management system. It continuously logs analytical data and generates intuitive performance reports tailored to your operational needs.

Autonomy Made Easy

SwiftLink integrates with your WMS and makes managing the Swift robot simple. Send orders for picking, monitor robot status, and track productivity – all from one interface. SwiftLink can be integrated via web services, file exchange, socket messaging, or cloud connectivity.

SwiftLink Autonomy
SwiftLink Data Reporting iPad

Real-Time Reporting

Whether your facility has 5 or 50 robots, you can see where they are, what they’re doing, and what their status is at any time. SwiftLink Viewer is designed with simplicity in mind, showing you only the information you need while minimizing notifications. This lets you remain focused on managing your supply chain.

Analytical Data Logging

One of the benefits of having robotic pickers is that every operation performed is tracked. This allows SwiftLink to generate productivity reports across a number of metrics such as pick rate, accuracy, and time-on-task. Additionally, you can monitor how changes in product location and facility layout impact these metrics. This allows you to assess the true ROI of internal material stocking and process change decisions while ensuring consistent performance across multiple shifts, throughout the year.

SwiftLink Analytical Logging