ProMat 2019: The Top 5 Sessions We Don’t Want to Miss

By March 21, 2019March 30th, 2021No Comments

ProMat 2019, showcasing the latest in manufacturing and supply chain innovation, is April 8-11, in Chicago. We’ll be exhibiting our patented Swift System, an autonomous solution that solves the most complex tasks with autonomous navigation, picking, and automatic tote transfer. We also are looking forward to checking out fellow exhibitors, catching keynotes from Marcus Lemonis of CNBC’s “The Profit” and more, and learning all we can from over 130 educational sessions from industry experts. Here are the top five seminars we aren’t going to miss at this years’ expo. … (and we are pretty sure you won’t want to miss the new technology we will be unveiling at Booth S4679!)


  1. The Real World Impact of Robotics & AI on the Industry

Sponsored by Robotics Business Review, this power panel discussion will feature industry leaders and visionaries debating the implications of robotics and AI in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. We’re definitely looking forward to hearing about the real-world implications and opportunities for the market.


  1. Mobile Robotics: Enabling Next Gen Data Applications

We’ll be joining John Black, Senior Vice President of New Product Development at Brain Corp, a San Diego-based tech company specializing in the development of intelligent and autonomous navigation systems, for a discussion on mobile robotics.


  1. Intelligent Robots—How Grasping Technology Evolved from Simulation to the Real World

Across industries, robots are being integrated into warehouse operations in an effort to increase automation. The newest generation of robots is able to handle grasping, a complex task that has never been before possible. At this seminar, you’ll learn more about how grasping technology has moved from the simulation world to the real world with Kindred, a San Francisco-based robotics startup.


  1. Applying Machine Learning to Optimize the Supply Chain

In a world dominated by the Internet of Things—think wireless computing devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home—IoT devices can overcome the shortfalls of traditional tracking technology. Subtitled “How IoT Will Revolutionize Supply Chain in 2019,” this seminar from Fellow Robots will touch on track and trace capabilities, temperature variations and moisture control.


  1. newCommerce: E-commerce’s Effect on Network, Facility Design & Real Estate Strategies

Presented by Bryan Jensen of St. Onge Company, this discussion will look at how the growth of e-commerce has affected supply chain networks, facility design for both major hubs and last mile e-commerce facilities, and real estate pressure to find locations for all the links in the e-commerce and retail supply chains. All these pressures, and the changes in reaction, are effectively defining the needs for what could be called the “New Commerce” supply chain.