IAM Robotics Introduces a New Solution and New Direction

The new solution expands the capabilities of AMR picking within existing infrastructures.

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From Modern Materials Handling – June 18, 2023

Modern Materials Handling LogoLast month, Pittsburgh-based IAM Robotics introduced a new autonomous mobile robot that takes a different approach to order fulfillment from other solutions on the market, and expands the weight capacity of most AMRs.

The new solution represents another pivot, something that Jay Link and Lance VandenBrook, IAM’s chief commercial officer and CEO respectively, refer to as a mobile, put-to-light wall utilizing a “meet me” approach to people and robots working together. Think of a light-directed putwall with configurable shelves mounted on an AMR base. The base is capable of carrying a 500 or so pound load. “I have five shelves that can carry full cases of auto parts or you could have up to 100 4-inch containers for the health and beauty industry,” says Link.

About IAM Robotics

IAM Robotics delivers innovative automation technology that coordinates humans and robots as a cohesive system to revolutionize fulfillment. Our Meet Me™️ solution combines proprietary software with person-to-goods mobile robots to increase efficiency in warehousing, distribution, and e-commerce operations. IAM Robotics provides the boost in productivity, flexibility, and speed that companies need to remain competitive and grow.

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