Mobile Picking and Transport Robot

Swift works like a human order picker, moving through inventory aisles, finding the right products, picking them into a tote, and then transporting that tote downstream for packaging and shipment.

Grow Your Business Without Adding Labor

Optimize your long tail strategy and grow your business. Swift enables you to offer a greater assortment of products without adding labor.

Reduce Labor Costs

One person managing a fleet of Swift robots can handle the picking assignments of multiple workers in a manual system. Plus, implementing Swift can compensate for scarce or unreliable labor.

Boost Employee Satisfaction

Swift takes on unpopular, monotonous work and eliminates the average 10+ miles per day a picker has to walk. Reassign pickers to more engaging roles and see employee satisfaction rise.

Scale at Your Own Pace

Swift’s affordability and flexibility lowers the barrier to automate at your own pace. Expand your robot picking fleet as your business and revenue grow.

Optimize Inventory

Swift is optimized for goods-to-person discrete and batch picking order fulfillment, which can double throughput by eliminating walk and search time.

Reduce Picking Errors

Swift is equipped with advanced computer vision technology, which enables the robots to see and locate objects in 3-D and in real time, providing unmatched picking success.