With the progress of 21st century tech and the challenges brought on by the pandemic, society has rolled up its collective creative sleeves. That’s especially true of the industrial automation industry, forever finding new ways to improve the processes that keep our world moving. 

Of course, it’s always nice when folks recognize this hard work, as Welp Magazine recently did a rundown of the Top Industrial Automation Companies in Pennsylvania (2021). IAM Robotics tops the list, alongside PA’s other automation masters.

What Makes a Top Automation Company?

Welp set out to recognize automation companies large and small, startup to established, that are taking the field by storm. But how do you choose? The publication had a few key criteria in mind, with “exceptional performance” being a core theme. Pennsylvania’s top industrial automation companies are leaders in at least one of four ways:

  • Innovative
  • Growth-oriented
  • Management and leadership masters
  • Making a positive societal impact

IAM Robotics prides itself on being innovative, filling gaps in the midline industrial robot space. We started with our Swift™ AMMR, tackling the biggest challenge of the fulfillment process—the picking operation. Combining navigation, perception, and manipulation is what really defines Swift. But most recently, we’ve built upon Swift, improving its base and rolling it out as a standalone AMR, Bolt™. Bolt is more powerful and adaptable than any AMR in its class, with a robust battery, autonomous charging capabilities, and is one of few AMRs with direct-drive wheels.

But we’re also dedicated to continuous growth. In addition to expanding our product suite, IAM Robotics has grown steadily. In just three years, our team has grown from 22 to 61 employees (195 percent). Of course, none of this would be possible without the leadership and vision of our management team, spearheaded by Founder and CEO Tom Galluzzo. There’s always a new challenge to tackle!

We’re in Good Company

In a list of 50+ fellow automation experts, we’re happy to be mentioned alongside like-minded companies. And because the list covers all of Pennsylvania, it’s even more exciting to see several of our neighbors from Pittsburgh. 

Welp spotlighted a few of our robotics pals that are making noise in each of their respective niches:Seegrid, one of the top industrial automation companies.

  • Seegrid is a leader in vision-guided vehicles and fleet management software for material handling. They specialize in autonomous robot trucks and forklifts to transport materials for customers.
  • Aerotech manufactures motion control and positioning systems for medical devices, military/aerospace, electronics, and more. They prioritize lowest cost of ownership, highestAerotech, one of the top industrial automation companies. throughput, highest accuracy and best return on investment for their solutions.
  • RobotWits specializes in route planning and high-speed motion planning technologies for road travel. Their autonomous technologies also predict the intentions of dynamic elements, like pedestriansRobotWits, one of the top industrial automation companies. and vehicles.

Each automation company featured is here for a reason: they’re the best at what they do. IAM Robotics is proud to lead the pack.

Automate YOUR Warehouse with AMRs

At IAM Robotics, we have years of experience maximizing automation for a variety of industries. Our team of thinkers, doers, and tinkerers will analyze your needs against our suite of products to recommend the best solutions for your warehouse. Get in touch with us to learn if automating your warehouse with AMRs is the right move for you.