Who We Are

Our team is a mix of robot and automation experts, tinkerers, and problem solvers, who have been addressing problems in logistics and the supply chain for years.

IAM Robotics’ team of world-class engineers are focused on delivering innovation and operational value that is transforming the material handling industry.

Our Evolution

Founded by roboticists from Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) – world’s largest and best-funded robotics R&D centers
First picking robot prototype demonstrated, picks over 1,000 items per hour from a shelf
Company launches Swift at MODEX
First Swift robot “Adam” at Rochester Drug reaches human-level picking performance
IAM Robotics raises millions from KCK Ltd. to accelerate the introduction of Robot Workers
The supply chain market embraces the Swift robot as an affordable, flexible and fully autonomous material handling solution


IAM Robotics is disrupting the industry with the first affordable and available robot that is interchangeable with current staff and will increase pick and put-away accuracy, facility safety and picking speed to radically increase our customer’s competitiveness in a velocity driven world. We are changing the traditional supply chain one warehouse, one store at a time – and you could be part of it! Join our innovative team that is being noticed: Robotics Business Review (RBR) named IAM Robotics a Global Top 50 Robotics Company for the 3rd year in a row! We are looking for experienced individuals that can support a team of engineers and designers making world-class products.

Compensation and benefits are competitive. Our company has a fun, family-first culture. Candidates should be passionate, entrepreneurial and enjoy being part of an energetic team. You must be ready to focus on tackling hard problems and be determined to achieve breakthrough results. We don’t bother with one-time throw-away projects. Be prepared to build upon everything you learn and do.

If this is the culture you have been looking for check out what else IAM Robotics has to offer.

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