XPROMA and IAM Robotics Officially Start Partnership

Republished courtesy of XPROMA

Despite negativity in connection with the COVID 19 virus, there are also positive things to announce to start the year. We’re pleased to inform you about our partnership with IAM Robotics from Pittsburgh, PA, USA, home to renowned robotics university, Carnegie Mellon University.

With this partnership, we are taking the next step in warehouse automation by using the most innovative autonomous robot solutions. Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) can be configured with a variety of functions to automate intralogistic processes for our customers.

With these functional expansions, a multitude of possible robot-supported automation solutions arises, including autonomous mobile manipulation robots (AMMR). Like a human order picker, AMMRs move through warehouse aisles, find the right products, and put items in a transport box or shipping carton to be transported to the shipping area.

Ralf Kolsen, CEO of XPROMA, says, “The future-oriented technology of the IAM Robotics products and solution concepts is impressive. For our customers there are now a multitude of further possibilities and technological links to the current range of systems and solutions from XPROMA. We are very pleased to be able to take the next step and a successful path towards the future together with IAM Robotics.”

As for Tom Galluzzo, CEO of IAM Robotics, he emphasized that, “Our eyes are always directed towards the future. We not only work on new products and innovations, but also expand our sales activities. With extensive know-how, many years of market expertise, and access to the wide XPROMA network, we have a perfect entry into the European market.”

“We have been working with IAM Robotics on a number of specific projects for months, and are particularly pleased about the positive customer feedback but also about the extremely good cooperation with the IAM Robotics team. We are very confident that we will be able to successfully implement projects together,” says Nele Logemann, Sales and Partner Management at XPROMA.

To give all interested parties insight into the added value created by the partnership, we invite you to a joint live event on January 20, 2021.

Tom Galluzzo and Ralf Kolsen will greet you, followed by a product demonstration. In particular, the presentation will highlight the advantages of the IAM Robotics systems compared to conventional solutions.

We are very much looking forward to the future, working together, and exciting projects!

You can register for the event here.